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We are looking for Ambassadors!

Great news!


We are looking for student ambassadors in the DC area!


PingBuds is looking for enthusiastic students who are actively engaged in student activities and passionate about building meaningful interactions with their peers.


As a PingBuds ambassador, you will be able to gain first-hand working experience, honing your organizational and interpersonal skills as well as work closely with PingBuds team and earning gift cards and other rewards.


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Explore passions in your neighborhood

Social media is primarily about improving social connections; helping to connect with friends, families, and associates. These people are like milk to our coffee: they help to make us better. Our aim as humans is to get more of those people because they improve and make us better.

There are different types of connection and nature of friendships. We have friendships of convenience, cosmetic, pleasure, utility, and virtue. The social media platform is full of the 4 first type of friendships. The social media platforms are today making the bonds of friendship shallow and we have come to change that with the PingBuds platforms. The PingBuds platform is where people can employ their skills and passions in helping out one another.

The healthiest of these relationships is the virtue or interdependent type of friendship, and that is what we have added to the mix. We understand that true friendship has substance and so we created an ecosystem through which true friendship can be cultivated and deepened.

True friendship is not selfish or one-sided. Relationship founded on sharing and helping people one another is true relationship because they make one another better. They do this by flourishing themselves and helping others to also flourish. They provide help to others using their skills, passion and experience. They make others around them become better by helping them out. They add value to the lives of others, and by so doing, they help to elevate their own life and that of those living around them. 



In PingBuds, we use the understanding that virtue-driven relationships has the tendency to have synergistic effect on one another, to create a flourishing group of people. PingBuds is a platform for people to flourish.

This is how it works. People who are flourishing (possess skills, passion, experience, and wants to help) help out other members of the group to flourish thereby creating a flourishing and excellent group of people. Each member helps the other to excel.

With PingBuds, your energy, time, and spirit will be put to better use in relationships that will add value to you and others rather than removing from you.



We’re happy to hear from you. Let us know today how we can improve our app to make the experience better for you .



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