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PingBuds! Who are we???

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

The critical role played by technology in our lives is undeniable. It has continued to be an integral part of our daily lives even as we move through the digital age. Without a doubt, it has provided us with tremendous tangible and intangible benefits and one of such benefits is the social media.

The social media has truly helped with human interaction by making available a wide range of ways by which we can communicate, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Skype, Instagram, etc. Social media has greatly improved the way we relate to one another. It is an absolutely beautiful help when it comes to reaching out to friends and families. Apart from being our avenue to connect with people and network, it has grown to be the reservoir of information.

The crisis

As awesome as this communication tool is because of its incredible ability to fulfill the most basic of human need: social connection, it has also come to display an ugly and negative side which undermines the same human relationship it strives to improve. Social is killing empathy. By increasingly taking time away from in-person or face-to-face interactions, social media is slowly creating a situation where people are no longer sensitive to and lacks the ability to understand and share the experiences and emotions of the other person.

In 2011, a survey carried out on the campus of the University of Michigan showed that 3 out of 4 students were 50 percent less empathetic than they were 3 decades ago. Further research showed that the steepest decline in empathy began in 2001 which also happens to be the time when social media was born.

Social media is redefining social currency. Through social media, we are creating a society that is full of individualists. Instead of real interactions and relationships, social media is encouraging us to form shallow relationships that are based on "likes," "share," "selfies," and "retweet." Our society is where meaningful and beneficial social interactions are being replaced by a 5 second or less glance before swiping right or left. Compassion for the needy and help has been reduced to a hashtag. These harmless acts exhibited on social media is causing a terrible decline in empathy.

Social media is ruining our relationships with people because the focus is on the self and not others. It has led to a place where we are now robbing our fellow human beings of true friendship, attention, and humanity. The lack of empathy has greatly affected generosity, and it is now only worth online "buttons" while most acts of kindness or helps have price tags attached to them. But we need a real society where human connections are real and not based on money.

The funny thing about this situation is that the same social media that is largely responsible for the creation of individual who lack empathy is also what is causing an unprecedented need for it. So we must find a way to prevent the decaying and declining of what is one of our most important human attributes. Empathy is a component of our morality and a basic structure upon which a functioning society is founded.

This problem has been going on for a long time with no help in sight, even from the social media giants, which is why we took it upon ourselves to solve it. What we are doing is improving human connection.

How we are solving the crisis

We passionately believe that the answer lies in the creation of a community that is built to support each other. A community where people can provide and receive help, advice, and training. A community where people in need of certain services can connect to others who possess the skills for these services and are ready to offer them.

This product is unlike any product on this niche in the market. Our product is PingBuds and it is an application that will forever change the face of social media. This app is aimed at improving relationships and deepening the bonds of togetherness through the creation of an enabling ecosystem that supports and raises our empathy level and sense of togetherness.

An additional advantage of this app is that services are not ascribed a value. Instead of cheapening relationships by putting a price tag on them, we are trying to improve them by getting people to meet each other in person or virtually and solve a problem together. Apart from the fact that the bond between people will get stronger when they meet and make a cause of helping/supporting each other, they will both benefit from the interaction.

The user who shares his/her skill and passion with another user who wants to learn will become better at the skill by teaching it; will learn to teach life-skill lessons; will become an answer to someone's question; will be making a difference in the world; and will be showing others that he or she cares, while the user who receives the help becomes more knowledgeable. For both of them, PingBuds encourages collaboration and it's an avenue for the creation of real and lasting relationships.

PingBuds is not just another platform but a phenomenon that would redefine the way we help each other. That’s our dream of creating PingBuds and that's what we aim to achieve.


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